I B World School, Coimbatore

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

This school project which caters to 1000 students is situated on a 13.4acres, largely flat and square site in Coimbatore with access road on the west. The axis along the centrally located entrance, which runs along the east-west direction, divides the site in two zones viz the Main School development and the common amenities like sports field, Auditorium, etc. The concept lies in the simplicity of the spatial organization of the school development. The academic facility is located towards the front and residential hostel facility is on the rear side of the plot. The main axis that forms the major pedestrian movement connects both the school and the hostel. The academic block of 50 classrooms wrapped around 2 separate courtyards forms separate wings for IB board & CBSE board schools on either sides of main axis.

The classrooms are oriented so as to avoid the east & west low altitude sunlight entering the classroom. Large openings provide sufficient natural lighting required for the classrooms. Horizontal sunscreen or double screen walls are proposed to avoid the south light. The facility also includes an administration block, well equipped library and state of the art laboratories.  A 1000 beds hostel facility for boys & girls is proposed with a canteen which is located centrally between the hostel blocks. The overall low rise development is a fabric of vistas, courtyards and built masses treated with simple modern functional elements.

Built Up Area     
136,000 SQ FT

Scope of Work